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District level committees provide a mechanism to ensure local level coordination either in solving any issue or monitor some program. Some committees are   statutory in natures which are set up under different acts and some are set up   by executive orders and some are called to address some ad-hoc issues. The   membership of these committees is decided on the basis of subject matter and   functional requirement of the concerned official. Almost all committees at the   district level are headed by the District Magistrate being the head of the district   administration.  

The district committees help in coordinating and synergizing the efforts of   different agencies. Notable among different committees are: 

District Development Committee: It is headed by one of the MLAs to monitor   developmental works in the district. 

District Task Force: It works to protect government land remove unauthorized   encroachments 

District Disaster Management Authority: It is established to address the disaster   situations and to plan for prevention, mitigation and post disaster rehabilitation 

Road Safety Committee: To address the issue of road safety and launch   awareness campaign on accident prone roads
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