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Fire Stations in East Delhi

Details of Fire Stations in East District

S. No.

Name of Fire Stations

Name of In-Charge

Contact No.


Laxmi Nagar Fire Station

Sh. Nagender Singh, STO

(M) 9811311187

(O) 22417747


Mandawali Fire Station

Sh. Francis Brown, STO

(M) 9871755308

(O) 22721190


Geeta Colony Fire Station

Sh. Ved Pal, STO

(M) 9868202979

(O) 22513330


Mayur Palace Fire Station

Bachhi Singh, SO

(M) 9868662930

(O) 22713735


Kalyan Vas Fire Station

Sh. Ravi Nath, STO

(M) 9868108272

(O) 22594700

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