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Preparation and updating of Electoral Rolls
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Preparation and Updating of Electoral Rolls

Preparation & updating of Electoral Rolls

The preparation of electoral rolls & their periodic revision is done by the Electoral Registration Office of the constituency. There are also one or more Assistant Electoral Registration Officer in each constituency. To update the electoral rolls, they are periodically revised.
1Revision of Electoral Rolls & Inclusion of name etc.
Election Commission of India orders revision of electoral rolls by announcing.

a.Special revision of a Summary nature of electoral rolls and
b.Special revision of an intensive nature

The Prime objective of the above revision is to produce clean and accurate rolls complete in all respects. A second objective of the revision is to synchronies the Electoral Rolls with the Electors Photo Identity Card(EPIC) programme.
3Requirement for registration as a voter

1.The applicant should be an Indian citizen.
2.He should be 18 yrs or above in age.
3.He should be the ordinary resident of the area.
Verification of age

Age can be verified by
i.Birth Certificate
ii.School or College certificate
iv.Food card etc.
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